Frazer in Art

Frazer Kennedy Acoustic Guitar Jigsaw

Click on acoustic guitar image to view Try piece Guitar Jigsaw by Nicole Ruschke, Germany.

Frazer Kennedy Butterfly by Eugenie Absalom'

Frazer Kennedy Butterfly artwork from “Streets of Dreams” music video by Eugenie Absalom

"Damn You All" video cover © Eugenie Absalom

Floral Skull photograph from “Damn You All” music video by Eugenie Absalom, UK


A Poem on Frazer by Erika Stolzmann

Poem on Frazer Kennedy by Erika Stolzman

Frazer Kennedy photo by Greg Houlgate, UK

A musician named Frazer

                                               Came to Canada one day

He came here from Scotland

                                         Singing “Yeta-Hey”

We travelled around

                                                    In the car that was fair

It wasn’t soon after

                                                                           He sang a song called “Big Bear”

Performing at lounges

                                                        So people would know

The song and its meaning

                                                    For “Eyes In Lingo”

One day he’ll be a star

                                                                 He may sing in a palace

We’ll all want to hear

                                                                          His own version of ”Alice”

     Sep. 2, 2001

                                                                                          by Erika Stolzmann, Canada