Fan Club

Q & A by Frazer’s fans from around the world


1  Who are you?

Singer-songwriter and travelling explorer of life.

2  Where are you from ?

I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and brought up in the romantic Highlands.

3  What kind of music do you play, write, present?

The Music that I create could be best described as Urban Folk acoustic based with a blend of world rhythms that has developed over recent years to encompass a bigger electric sound.

4  When did you first start song writing?

I penned my first song in 1991 (The Merry Go Round) over 20 years back my Roots are in Scotland with Branches reaching everywhere.


5 What bands or singers – songwriters inspire you?

Jimmy Buffett, Leonard Cohen, Sade, Al Stewart, Sir Rod Stewart, Sting, Johnny Cash, James Taylor, Patti Smith,  Santana, Cat Stevens, The Beatles, Billy joel, Mark Knopfler, Van Morrison, Chris Rea, Eric Clapton, Bob Marley, Tony Bennett, Amy Winehouse but a few!. 


A new Fan in the audience caught this snip on live Greek TV.

Hellenic TV 4965_n

Performing ’Time’ live.

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  Fans from the Orient. 

Japanese Fan Base


Thank you Rosie and Junko for sending me the photos.

frazer n Fanz_n






6  Did you play gigs with others?  

It’s always been a pleasure to work in bands, learning from other musicians in a variety of venues  – from the dodgy music bars to the great and glorious – including big festivals and sharing a stage with the likes of  Bill Wyman’ s Rhythm Kings and fellow Scot’s born, Australian rock Singer Jimmy Barnes…


7  What are you doing when you are not writing songs?

I like going out dancing with my wife working on old Jeeps (offroading), watching snooker, swimming, cycling, playing badminton with friends and sometimes when I get the chance – reading books.

8  What would you like to take with you when you travel to a lonely island?  

My boogie board and my guitar oh yes and my wife!

9  Have you ever been to Germany?  What did you like best?  

No, but having met many a Germans backpackers in my travels, I have had lots of invites to visit , and I am determined to go and knock on some doors.

10  Describe yourself.  What are your likes and dislikes?

I don’t like politics apart from that, I love people and entertaining them. I have a great love for animals and nature.

I’ll always find time for dog walking even when it’s wet and cold.