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This latest Album is a culmination of two years of creative writing based on Frazer’s antics and experiences centred in London but stretching around the world. Every adventure and excursion is an opportunity to meet interesting people and fire the imagination.

This influence on Frazer’s songwriting has built up to a colourful and exciting yet easy to listen to album, reflecting the diversity offered by a cosmopolitan environment, full of the enthusiasm and optimism that inspired ‘High Time’.

Flavours of Latin and Reggae, applied to Urban Ballads.

1: Time – Play 

This song chosen to open the album, with its flavour of Reggae rhythm seeks to wax lyrical about the importance of time in all our lives. 

2: You Don’t Know  (Blues Chillout Mix) – Play 

A touch of Blues with a twist, mixed in to a seductively surreal melody.

3: That’s What You Do

“The moment I met you, that’s when I knew” – a line with feeling it could only be a love song.  Four minutes+ of electric passion, already proving popular with lovers the world over.    

4: I Wish

A haunting Soulful ballad taking the listener through the maze of memories of lost love. We’ve all been there but in this song the listener never leaves the maze. 

5: Call The New Day  (Live) – Play   High Time_BACK COVER

A song as optimistic as the rising sun, striding through life’s new chances.  With enthusiastic Celtic spirit and it’s unusual rhythm.

6: Shadow  (Remix)    

A new mix of this song, follows a mysterious story line about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. In this version the shadows have grown darker and larger.  

7: Far Away – Play

With a storyline straight out of the 1940s, a “Casablanca” moment, featuring a mystery girl, inspiring a song so haunting that it will stay with you long after her elusive scent has vanished on the breeze.

8: 2 am

“High Time” would not be complete without this mesmerizing ballad written, sung at the piano at two in the morning from a high rise apartment.

9: Sigh – Play

With an up tempo dance beat and a take on love gone wrong – it has soaring harmonies and Latin guitars.

10: Street Of Dreams (Chillout Mix)  

There have been various cuts of this track since its acoustic debut 2007. Every road has been a Street of Dreams, but this song was written with optimism of a new vista at the end of every journey.                                                                                                                       

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