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‘Any  Colour but Blue’ – ‘High Time’ – The debut album ‘ Yesterday’s gone’


‘Any Colour but Blue’


10 tracks: Any Colour but Blue is a blend of world music, flavours of Asia, Latin, Soul, Reggae and Upbeat tempos, happy ballads, Music to dance to with passionate colours of reds, yellows – any colour but blue.

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Comosta – This song was chosen to open the album, with its romantic story line and it’s Upbeat Spanish/Philippine Flavour.

Why – A touch of Blues with a twist, mixed in to a seductively surreal melody, with it’s Asian tabla spirit and unusual rhythm.


‘High Time’


10 tracks, A culmination of two years of creative writing based on Frazer’s antics and experiences centred in London but stretching around the world. Every adventure and excursion is an opportunity to meet interesting people and fire the imagination.

Flavours of piano Rock and soft Urban Ballads



 You Don’t Know (Blues Chillout mix)  A touch of Blues with a twist, mixed in to a seductively surreal melody.


 ‘Yesterday’s gone’ Debut album


11 tracks, roots, romantic stories, urban ballads. And the lead track of the same name ”yesterday’s gone” gave Frazer his first ever taste of #1 Chart Success, and what more fitting for a country boy at heart? from the Highlands.                            

Flavours of  Pop, Folk and Country Rock                                                                             



#1 – Yesterday’s gone (Americana mix) #1 song that never fails to please.


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