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1:  Yesterday’s Gone

This is one song that never fails to please, an anthem no less, with an Americana flavour, which gave Frazer his first taste of #1 chart success.

2:  Shadow

This song follows a mysterious story line about being in the wrong place at the wrong time

3:  Whispering Rain

It’s all in the title! This is a beautiful ballad – for lovers the world over.

4:  Nobody’s Perfect

This was written after a concert in Canada in which Frazer sung and played his best – only to be criticised in a newspaper review for his guitar playing.

5:  Moonbeam Castle       Lyrics

This song features a 6/8 rhythm, with strings, violas and cellos adding a folky feel, taking you on a night time ride to the dream-like Moonbeam Castle.

6:  Make Up Your Mind CD Inlay RPM1 copy  

An up tempo blues beat, which asks the question, ‘ Why can’t the girl just make up her mind?’

7:  Alice

A definitive country ballad about a truck driving roadster eager to get home to his love for some good old country loving.

8:  Street Of Dreams        Lyrics

There have been various cuts of this track since its acoustic debut 2007. Every road has been a Street of Dreams, but this song was written with optimism of a new vista at the end of every journey.

9:  Yet-A-Hey – “The Spirit Within”

Starts in 3/4 time and takes off in its natural fashion – for many it can be too wild with its native American spirit, but you’ll feel the power and all its glory with its rousing beat..

10:  Damn You All            Lyrics

The ruins of Fairburn Tower in Scotland were a landmark in Frazer’s childhood, its dark brooding outline haunting him for years and conjuring images of witches and warlocks which inspired this dramatic song.

11/ Yesterday’s Gone – Reprise

A shorter 2 minute version of the album’s title track, offering softer vocals and simple classical backing on the piano.

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