Yesterday’s Gone – Music Review 2012  

Yesterday’s Gone is Frazer Kennedy’s debut recording – an album of ten original songs, with the title track and its reprise bookending proceedings. A singer-songwriter/guitarist whose roots are undoubtedly acoustic, undeniably folky and often betraying a Highland heritage – Frazer’s voice is rich with Scottish intonation and a strength and power permeates through all of the songs.

Here is a collection of resonant observations and atmospheric tales, crafted from the uncertainty of life’s trials and tribulations. The songs might work as well as simple acoustic incarnations but here they are presented in their evolved state – fully formed and attractively fleshed out. Frazer has wisely coloured each and every one and the attendant friends and musicians with their sympathetic input, has helped to bring out the melodies whilst adding depth and decoration.

It’s hard to select a song for special attention when consistency is the order of the day. The title track has been receiving the plaudits elsewhere but Street of Dreams was my personal favourite and perhaps best typifies Frazer’s thoughtful approach. It might just be his best song, where the instrumental interplay between harmonica and electric guitar allows room for breath between the verses.

Frazer’s songs have a mature assurance and often reveal an ear for a catchy tune and  refrain. On the evidence of this recording, he’s also a musician deserving of wider recognition and perhaps it’s just a matter of time.

Album Review by Peter Stevenson

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