Yesterday’s Gone CD Review by Nicholas Whittaker

A Gem From Scotland 


Nicholas Whittaker Author

Yesterday’s Gone is a perfectly-pitched mix of folk and blues, country and soul, an album that takes the sweetest from all those genres and offers an indie delight that stands out proud in an age of bull and hype.  

Production is perfect, complementing but never obscuring the catchy melodic structures that give the album instant appeal.

Scotland hasn’t produced a singer-songwriter as good as this since Al Stewart!



The choppy rhythmic hook of the title track is threaded with soulful brass harmonies that reach out to a nostalgic yearning in all of us, eventually fading out with a cheerful whistle that kind of reminds us all to soldier on anyway.


Humour and nostalgia and romance walk hand in hand through Kennedy’s lyrics – through the lovely Whispering Rain and along the winding road that leads to Alice. But the man’s from Scotland after all, and it’s no surprise that some of the songs are proudly tinged with magic and legend from the Highlands, from the lovely imagery of Moonbeam Castle to the exorcist cries of Damn You All.

It’s hard to find a weak track on Yesterday’s Gone, but it has to be said that Street of Dreams must rank alongside the title track as a winner.  In those long gone days when music suits knew what they were doing, this would surely have been released as a stand-out single, been given lots of airplay and brought a fresh talent to everyone’s attention.

Maybe things don’t work that way anymore.  Yesterday’s Gone – perhaps – but Frazer Kennedy is a talent that should give us hope for tomorrow.


Yesterday’s Gone Album Review by writer Nicholas Whittaker