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Scotland has produced more than whisky and mythical monsters. It has also produced Frazer Kennedy from a childhood in the mountains and the sounds of the ceilidh, it’s little wonder Frazer’s music is inspired by the highlands and ruined castles echoing to ancient battles.  

Moody atmosphere of the ancient Eilean Donan Castle and the Fairburn Tower in the western highlands is reflected in Frazer Kennedy’s song ‘Damn you All’ from the album ‘Yesterday’s gone’.



Starting with a stint on tenor sax in a swing band, Frazer has been writing and performing for 25 years.  Heading for London, he played sax in a reggae band, took lead vocals in a rock outfit, and honed his craft by busking on the Underground. But it was with the 6-string acoustic guitar that he found his true love. Venturing abroad for the first time, he found himself in Israel, strumming on the shores of the Dead Sea and enlivening the night streets of  Tel Aviv.

Across the Atlantic, Frazer hiked his trusty 6-string acoustic through the mountains of Canada, a landscape that recalled home in many ways – except for the grizzly bears!   The winters were cold – but Frazer found warmth and friendship on his travels, busking in bars to earn a drink and ending up playing gigs at places like Alberta’s Capitol Raceway and the Edmonton Folk Festival.

Back in London, Frazer formed his own band and soon found loyal audiences in big city venues such as The Mean Fiddler, The Borderline and Pizza on the Park.  He was also invited to play at established rock festivals such as the Americana International, Riverside Festival and Canada’s Edmonton Folk Festival – gaining fans and building an increasing presence on the music scene – culminating with an invitation to play for the BBC’s Children In Need.

Twelve months in the making, “Yesterday’s Gone”,  Frazer’s long awaited début album, has entranced his loyal fans and re-doubled their efforts to spread the word about this unique Scottish talent.  The album is a fantastic mix of neatly crafted songs and memorable melodies.  The title track, chosen as a flagship single, spent seven weeks in the UK’s Unsigned Top 40 – including several weeks at #1.

“Frazer Kennedy has been a singer-songwriter for some seventeen years.  No matter how pleased he is with each newly-crafted song, there’s always a new one on the way. Whenever the muse comes knocking, he is off again, with new words and melodies”.

And for his second album ‘High Time‘ a culmination of  two years of creative writing based on Frazer‘s antics and experiences centred in London but stretching around the world. Every adventure is an opportunity to meet interesting people and fire the imagination.

Frazer latest latest album Any Colour but Blue‘ has just been launched, chosing to stay true to his acoustic roots, but of course ‘Any Colour but Blue’ is a blend of world music, flavours of Latin, Soul, Reggae and Upbeat tempos, happy ballads, Music to dance to with passionate colours of reds, yellows – any colour but blue.


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