Q & A by Nicole Ruschke ‘Any Colour but Blue’

Hi Frazer!

This is the second Q and A we are doing now. The first one was about your lovely album ‘ HIGH TIME’ in 2013.

You’ve worked hard on your new album ‘Any colour But Blue’ which will be released in 2016 and we are all looking forward to that to happen.

1 Could you talk us through your brand new work?

The music never stops as the title says this album is an extension of earlier songs. New experiences, meeting new people, working with new musicians all goes to move me ‘Any Colour but Blue’

2 How do you get your impressions for writing songs? What are your inspirations?

Life is one big inspiration, especially meeting people

3 What is most important for you when writing songs?

Perhaps the most important thing is that i enjoy singing the song as I’m writing it, and that others enjoy hearing it when it’s finished.

4 For how long are you working with your band now and how is it for you to work with them?

The band evolves, along with the music some musicians have been with me for over ten years. Other pop in to a recording session to add some brass or Guitar, depending on the style of the song. It is quite organic, and the sounds change with the different players.

5 Which shows did you enjoy the most?

I particularly enjoy being on stage outdoor at festivals.

6 How is the audience? Do they get involved very quick or do they need a certain time to be ‘ picked up’ by you?

I get involved and excited as soon as i step up to sing and i hope the audience connects quickly as well.

7 Where would you like to go for further shows one day?

Television is a great medium. I would like to do more TV performances.

8 What else would you like to tell your fans and those who don’t know you by now?  Enjoy music. All music. And hope you enjoy listening to mine.

If fans would like to buy merchandise, where and how can they get the items of desire?

I’ll be pleased to send merchandise from my website

9 Your last album ‘ High Time’ was an invitation to dream and a global invitation of friendship. Is this your intension in general to befriend people through your songs?

It’s great to make friends through music, but my songs are really there to share and experience, and emotion. That does not mean the listener has to like the singer, it is enough just to enjoy the song.

10 How do your fans respond to your songs and shows?

So far, very well.

11 Where will your fans get to see you touring with your new album in 2016?

No dates confirmed, but I’m looking forward to finishing off in the studio, and getting back on the road. Perhaps a tour of Germany?.

Thank you very much for taking some time to answer the questions.


Reporter, Nicole Ruschke, Germany